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19. Biomed and Psychology student in my Senior year. Looking forward to the next step in my academic life. Trying my best to improve spiritually each day and Tumblr is a great reinforcement. Ask me anything! :)

"I want to be a good Muslim in the eyes of God. And being a good Muslim in the eyes of God often means being condemned in the eyes of people."

  • "We love horizons
    but forget to love the sand
    beneath our own feet."
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  • "Anyone who shows the way to something good has the same reward as the person who does it."
    Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) [Muslim] (via trouvaill8)

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  • thepathofabeliever:

    Be the one that restores a person’s faith in people, regardless of how small of an act it might be. All a person needs is a drop of faith to keep them going.

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  • thepathofabeliever:

    You will find yourself content with life, when you realize you do not need a reason to say “alhamdulilah.” You say it because you’ve made it this far, and that is enough for you to be thankful for.

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  • thepathofabeliever:

    You do not have to understand someone in order to respect them. People do not always have to explain themselves in order for you to feel like their actions are well meant. They will never owe that to you, or anyone else. You have to learn to trust others, and let God take care of you.

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  • "My sin burdened me heavily. But when I measured it against Your Grace, O Lord, Your forgiveness came out greater."
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    Its kinda hard when your friend is a realist and you’re an optimist.

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  • "maybe that’s why as english speakers we use ‘like’ and ‘um’ so much, we are always searching for words that aren’t there."
    nayyirah waheed (via feellng)

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  • "My parents have been married for over 30 years and I have been raised in their love. My mother told me my father used to send her a handwritten love letter every day when they were young in Somalia and sometimes twice a day when he missed her something bad. Love is having babies and fleeing a country in war together. It is being scared and being brave anyway. It is missing each other and always being friends. My parent’s love taught me that you need more than beautiful words for love to survive. Love is hard work, it is a commitment every day, it is doing what is necessary to make sure the other person is ok. My father somehow took care of a family of 12+ on a taxi cab driver’s salary and studied by a lamp’s light every night. My mother raised 10 children in a country hostile to their very existence with nothing but pure wit and strength. So I learned early on that love must manifest in actions. My favorite memory of them is how my mother would wait to eat until my father came home every day and them sitting together just laughing, talking, and loving. One time, my father took my mother’s hand and looked at us sitting around the table and told us, ‘you know, I love this woman. She is my best friend.’ And the way my mother still looks at my father, I know he’s not the only one who feels that way."
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    And to be quite honest, we do not care about the Israeli society. We don’t care to humanize or dehumanize them, although the latter is more appropriate. We will never buy into this two-sides two-equal-suffering all-we-want-is-peace bullshit. We don’t want peace with Zionists or with anyone that reaps the profits from a inherently violent jingoistic colonial system.

    And this might disappoint you greatly, but we don’t advocate for transitional justice nor do we have the luxury talking about truth and reconciliation when being bombed, fragmented and deprived of our most basic rights. Transitional justice is for white people. We want revenge from the system that stripped us of our humanity.

    To the Israeli society in general: Coexistence is not on the agenda. We do not have the time to waste waiting for Israel’s radicals to make a social revolution or convince their society that Zionism sucks. We are not imploring, beseeching, or asking you. We demand an end to the occupation, for you to break out of the prisons you have for minds, and for the love of all things good and holy, end the siege on Gaza.

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  • yokouso asked : Maybe you're just mad because white people have more than you ever will.


    if yall have so damn much why do u need to steal from literally every other race on earth?? 

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  • lionofallah:


    Sometimes just knowing the numbers isn’t enough.

    Over 1400 innocent people Slaughtered in just one day.

    It would be a shame to scroll over all these bodies without making Dua’ for each one of them and their loved ones.

    "May the eyes of the cowards never sleep."

    - www.LionofAllah.com

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  • rhubabe:

    the sunrise on the plane was so beautiful

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  • Stopped by my University today and I am seriously notttttt looking forward to going back to school 😭😭😭 I miss studying but do NOT miss being on campus!!

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